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It’s at the core of our values that we take full responsibility of every step along our design and production process. From the choice of textile, to hardware, method of production and packaging & shipping, we make conscious effort to ensure that it’s always to our best practice possible. We partner with the best textile and production factories over the world because that’s only right.

We know It’s not yet perfect, but we are constantly striving for the better and are all ears.


We want to focus on you and you only! Converting from wholesale business model to direct to customer, we might lose some previous channels of sales, but it helps us to personally connect with our customers and hear directly from you. It cuts the traditional retail markup of 5-6x to 2-3x and thus helps us to offer better products at a more affordable price point.


It’s about having fun right from the beginning, responsible fun of course. Because what else matters more?


The Fashion industry today is moving too fast under the influence of social media and influencer culture, we often have too much desire to consume and too little time to appreciate. Here at Pamplemousse, we are always aware of trends but never victims of it. We aim to create long lasting pieces with a purpose in mind and a story to tell.

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