AS many as 20,000 chemicals are being used by the textile industry today, resulting in 1/5 of the world’s industrial water pollution. When we visited China last year, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to a small group of villagers in Guizhou that practices ancient natural indigo dye method, 兰染, dating back to the Qin/Han dynasties (BC 221-220). Natural Indigo is extracted from four kinds of plants, Strobilanthes Cusia, Indigofera tinctoria, Polygonum tinctorum, and Isatis Tinctoria, or commonly collectively known as Indigo Grass (兰草). We decided to work with these villagers over the course of a few months, hand dyeing and drying each of the sweatshirts made from organic cotton, using 100% natural dye that casts zero impact on the environment. The entire process is truly an Art form.

Proudly presenting to you, the ‘INDIGO’ collection.